Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best of Both Worlds Mixtape Vol.1

Best Of Both Worlds Mixtape. This mixtape brings the MO and KS together in one to give the fans something good to hear and ride to. This Mixtape is produced and written by TMT and KBsz. These 17-year-old guys plan to take over the whole USD 500 with this one. They even planned to get signed and do the same to the Rap GAME.. TMT and KBsz.. Putting The Great and Dope in one is just RARE.. lol.. Check these GUYS out and leave comments. To Contact TMT : and visit youtube for videos link is TMT and KBsz.
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Welcome To Dope Mixtape Vol.1

Welcome to Dope Mixtape is written and by KBsz but its produced by him and his former Bro/partner TMT. KBsz sayz that this mixtape was brought upon him just being FLAT OUT DOPE.. LOL.. Kbsz founded this title November 24th but before he was known to be the "DOPE GUY" all around the town. This mixtape has Features from; local artist such as J'will, Hoodnut, Denzy Dha Taliband, Erin Dha G, his Big Bro JayyounG and last but not least the Great TMT and More. This mixtape is set to drop in summer of 2010 also. KBsz Says, "if yu love dope shyt well yu will need to be bumpin this on ur ipod or in ur car". KBsz also sayz, "im sign n out 7 hunnit". Well That’s it Folks


JayyounG AKA Nate, or TMT and KBsz Big Bro is da Master Mind of Rapping. This Guy Vocabulary is very STRONg, not sayin that TMT and KBsz vocab isnt. But there is something different about Jayy, Something Special. JayyounG Mixtape is planned to Drop Summer 2010. This Mixtape is produced by KBsz, TMT, and Jayy him self and Written by Jayy. Look out for this mixtape. Yes, TMT is the creator of this Mixtape Cover. I SWEAR yu will get your moneys worth, maybe even more. Contact Jayy at

Our "GO" Girls

TMT and Paris, Mr. and Mrs. Evans

KBsz and Markaela

TMT and Paris

Photo Gallery

TMT and KBsz Dressed up

The Great TMT and Dha Dope Guy KBsz also has a PRESENTABLE side. The GUYS are JUST SHARP